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Parents and Teachers Association

There is a very strong branch of PTA at the school, which includes representatives of active and enthusiastic parents and we are very grateful for the help offered.

Various activities are held to raise money for the school fund during the year and we greatly appreciate all the support the school receives.

During the last academic year this is how the money raised and donated to the school has been spent in 2021/22:

Total = £4,000

  • Books - £1,000
  • ICT Equipment - £1,200
  • To subsidise school trips - £1,000
  • PA System - £800

Parents and Teachers Association Meetings

Everyone is encouraged to participate in these meetings - the more the merrier! Any ideas for raising money is welcomed and if you can not attend the meetings, please send your ideas / comments to the committee via the contact details below.

Parents and Teachers Association Committee Contact Details

Chair: Ceri Evans

07796 583 203 //

Treasurer: James Ogwen Roberts


poster ffair nadolig
poster ffair nadolig